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Prof. A. Nur Yüceyar
Symposium President

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the first Symposium on Healthy Lifestyle with Multiple Sclerosis will take place in Izmir on May 25-26, 2019.

MS, which is a chronic immunological disease that starts from a young age and lasts a lifetime, will be looked through the perspective of environmental factors in pathogenesis, epigenetic mechanisms -and especially brain autoimmunity and intestinal microbiota, obesity and MS immunology.

In addition, there are certain themes to be discussed within the scope of the symposium such as neuro-immunology of sleep and its importance in MS, sleep disorders in MS, the importance of early physical activity in MS, the correlation between MS and Vitamin D and smoking; and healthy life prescriptions in MS will be discussed.

The aim of the symposium is to create a multidisciplinary interactive discussion environment where the current scientific data on the development of MS and the environmental factors that may be effective in the course of the disease are presented by the academicians from disciplines such as neurology, genetics, nutrition and dietetics, sports medicine, public health and psychiatry. At the end of the symposium, we expect to reveal significant scientific data that would be beneficial and efficient both for our MS patients and their relatives who are potentially at risk and for the general public.

You can share with us all your posters and oral presentations related to MS, especially on the issues stated above.

As we enjoy the last days of spring in İzmir, we would like to share those moments at our event that we believe to be a joyful and fruitful meeting.

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